MICOR – The Micrographics Corporation

I am a pack rat. Not a secret. Today, going through some old boxes I found several gems, and this picture below is one of them. A business card from MICOR – The Micrographics Corporation. I could not find their logo anywhere online so figured I would blog about it and post a picture of the business card I was given, with what I guess was my employee number written on it. I worked there from 1988 to 1991.

I was a data entry clerk, keying from microfiche in the dark on the third shift.. that was rough! I keyed on very tough old keyboards as well as a Univac system that would output to punch cards to be fed into other systems. I am sometimes a very hard typist and get comments from it. If not from frustration or anger when typing, if I am typing hard I believe it is from my beginning days of data entry when I needed to slam the keys from an inch or two back in order for the key to register. I had carpal tunnel surgery in my right wrist. They wouldn’t do both at the same time back then, for good reason.

Many long nights, working right into my day job, I will never forget. My only good memory about working there was my first kiss; a side road from Micor’s parking lot, my first boyfriend and I we were on break. ;)

Oh, note: back then my name wasn’t Richie. It was Kenneth E Harmon III. Another story.

Found business card:
MICOR business card



The Micrographics Corporation
800 Clarmont Avenue
Bensalem, PA 19020
(215) 245-0411

A Closed Shop Micor Micrographics In Bensalem Lays Off All 160 Employees

When payday rolled around at Micor Micrographics Corp. on Good Friday, the news wasn’t very good.

Employees who were expecting paychecks for the previous two weeks were told that there wasn’t any money to pay them, according to Georgia Winters, who has worked at the Bensalem, Bucks County, company for seven years.

Company president Edward W. Mackin said late yesterday that Micor’s 160 employees have since been told they were laid off as of last Friday morning.

But employees said they still haven’t gotten pink slips, so they can’t apply for unemployment benefits. Employees are expected to meet with company officials this morning.

Micor, which has annual sales of $10 million, specializes in microfilming documents.

The story of Micor is something of a mess that involves:

* A $3.3 million judgment won by Virginia-based Oracle Complex Systems last year in a suit over a contract dispute. An order from U.S. District Court yesterday, after a hearing last Wednesday, gives Oracle the right to a ”judicial sale” to recover its money.

* About $2 million that Micor owes to CoreStates Financial. Mackin said the bank was reluctant to finance the company’s payroll for work performed over the past three weeks.

* A labor-organizing dispute. Officials of the Philadelphia Joint Board of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union claim at least one employee was illegally fired because she had been pushing for union representation. Mackin said she had been fired for “many problems with her performance over a long period of time.”

Winters, who worked as a lead tech-camera operator in the rotary department, said workers were confused.

When first-shift workers reported to work yesterday, they were told they’d be volunteers. Nonetheless, Winters said that if workers didn’t clock-in, they wouldn’t be eligible for unemployment compensation.

“Some people are in there working, some people are just sitting around, shaking their heads. They don’t know what to do.”

Mackin, meanwhile, called the period starting last Wednesday “probably the worst five days in my 50 years.”

He said CoreStates sent appraisers to the firm yesterday so it could be liquidated for recovery of $2 million that CoreStates had lent the firm. CoreStates was unable to comment.

The workers are split 66 to 66 in their vote on whether to join the union, Mackin said.

If an administrative law judge rules that the woman was fired illegally, as the union alleges, her ballot then would be counted, said Mike Slott, a union representative. That presumably would give the union official representation – if the company is sold and the employees’ jobs are saved.

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Happy 7th Birthday, Josh!

On Monday, sharing the day with my brother and Julia Roberts, our boy Josh turned 7 years old. Things happen, and he doesn’t mind, so we celebrated a little late. Many layered birthday steak cake was enjoyed by both!

Click any picture and then use left and right arrow keys to move through the photos. :)

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Josh is a Panda

Not a sunny day, but nice, mild and dry. Got to fixing the bamboo fence that surrounds the bambusoides bed. It was bowing out at the top and then collecting leaves. Anchored it around the top to the inside of the bed, after vacuuming all of the leaves out that had collected. Yep, that’s me, with a vacuum in the yard.

When I was done I had a large piece that Josh wanted to play with. He asked me, “Can I be a panda?” I said back, “Josh, honey, you can be anything you want to be.” :)

Click any picture to enlarge. Use right & left arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate. 

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Cypress Trees vs Solar Energy

We are almost there… to clean energy for our home! Monday we are having solar panels installed on the back roof of our house. Before the installation we needed to trim trees that are close to the house to roof level to allow for the panels to operate at top efficiency. We are leasing the panels under a contract so it is as important to the solar company as it is to us to generate the most electricity as possible.

Below are before – during – after pictures of the Leyland Cypress tree trimming, the trees in the backyard that we first installed to block “Sally” our then neighbor who was a . I was nervous and a bit sad as the job was approaching, but we have trusted them in the past so I braved it knowing that they would make the trees look nice when they were done.. and they did.

Click any picture below, then use your left/right arrow keyboard keys to navigate.

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New “Badass” TV Mount

After several tries getting a large flat-screen TV to hang at our family room desk area for Jimmy, as a desktop extension for his small laptop monitor, I finally got a large monitor instead of a TV. I bought for him the largest good television to mount on the wall but then realized that a TV that close was not a good solution. I then went with a large monitor and all was good. But now, we had an extra television in the house. After shuffling TVs room to room I ended up with an older flat-screen TV that was bigger than the old CRT television currently being used. Now it was my time to get a wall mounted television.

Now with a flat-screen TV sitting in my office, I began to think about a wall mount for it too. This 27″ television is old enough that it is 25 lbs. I researched different wall mounts that would allow for me to hang it above my monitors but there isn’t much room in there so needed one that allowed for both vertical and horizontal adjustments. I found the OmniMount wall mounts were just what I was looking for. The OmniMount PLAY40 would be perfect as we wouldn’t have to worry about mounting it in a perfect location as I could adjust it after it was mounted. Our estimate location was perfect.

It wasn’t too difficult to install because Jimmy installed it. :)  It took a couple of hours and several swear words but now that it is installed it is awesome. Jimmy shared the product page on Facebook and a friend (hi David!) wrote, “That’s actually pretty badass”… it is! Thank you Jimmy for installing it for me!

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Ebay’s VeRO Program Works!

Ebay’s VeRO Program really does work. Less than 24 hours and “Traja Enterprises” auctions featuring our Cora were removed from eBay’s server. The ebay seller claims to be from Canada but auctions ship from Hong Kong. They lifted the below lifted this image from: http://richiemadden.com/2012/01/varhegy-icipici-corazon-cora/

cora stolen image on ebay

I first posted about this on Facebook, and then was advised to report it to eBay to get it removed.

ebay cora report to facebook
VeRO: Helping to Protect Intellectual Property

TraJa Enterprises

TraJa Ebay Store


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Garden State Equality – Equality Walk 2013


Friends & Family,

Jimmy and I are participating in Garden State Equality’s 4th Annual Equality Walk on Saturday June 22, 2013. Would you please sponsor us?

Please Visit Our Donation Page

Each year we have many anniversaries, but we want the one day, our wedding day, to be the one legally recognized in our state. Our original ceremony was held in Philadelphia. December 6, 1997. We had a minister, witnesses, ring bearers,  cake, (ice sculpture too!) and 100+ of our closest friends– everything a normal wedding has, less one thing: a signed marriage license.

After moving to New Jersey, July 12, 2004 brought to the state “New Jersey Domestic Partnerships”. We were now “domesticated”! We received a “certificate”, not a “license”. Channel 10 was there for the occasion. Nobody understood this status so they were “fixed” a few years later.
On February 23, 2007 our union was “upgraded” to the always-has-been second-class legal status of “Civil Union”. We were now “civilized”! Our friends even got us a “civilized” license plate for the occasion. The courts ordered the legislature to grant equality to same-sex couples, but did not have to be called marriage. Civil Unions have never been equal to Civil Marriage. Separate is not now, nor has ever been equal.
On  December 6, 2009, the twelve year anniversary of our commitment ceremony, we were legally married in Branford, Connecticut. We only told a handful of people we were doing this, so it was like eloping – exciting, romantic. It was a beautiful ceremony. We fell in love with that small town, and the state of Connecticut for having equality in marriage for all couples. However, when we returned home, our marriage was downgraded by the State of New Jersey, by Governor Christie, to a second class “Civil Union” status. We know in our hearts we are married, but still sad, angry, and frustrated with our home state for refusing to recognize it for what it is = a legal marriage.

Please support us in the Equality Walk!

So, this is where we are, fighting for marriage equality with Garden State Equality. We need the support our friends and family, financially, to help us reach this goal. Please read over the following suggested amounts and do what you can. We Thank You!

    • $214 for marriage equality becoming the 214th LGBT law enacted in NJ
    • $101 to honor Garden State Equality’s 101,000 members
    • $81 for the 81 votes needed in the state legislature to override
    • $54 for the 54 votes in the Assembly needed to override
    • $27 for the 27 votes in the Senate needed to override!

Click Here To Go To Our Donation Page

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Stop Hating On Cheerios!

cheeriosI did my part this morning in supporting Cheerios. It’s been a while since I have bought breakfast cereal, and remembered why when I went to make myself a bowl this morning – interruptions. But I am glad to support a company that embraces diversity. Who knew that a interracial couple was still so taboo?

I love this commercial and am saddened by the story it has created. If you watch this video on YouTube you may notice you can not comment on it, on just how cute it is. Why? Because of racism. The racists doubled-down on Cheerios for including this family, you know, like the one of our president, in one of their commercials. Below the video on YouTube it reads, “Comments are disabled for this video.” Sad. But watch here, enjoy this adorable commercial. And Kudos to Cheerios for not backing down to the bigots. Click here to send your own note of thanks for not backing down to hate.

Braden Goyette at Huffington Post writes,

Cheerios was unfazed by the racist Internet backlash. “Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all,” Camille Gibson, Cheerios vice president of marketing, told Gawker.

And, the haters don’t like Cheerios either. But not for the reasons of these racists, for some other non-sense. I can’t help but feel that if they could get away with being publicly racist, they would.

American “Family Association

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Happy Birthday, Lorelei!

Happy 29th (lol) Birthday to my friend and workmate, Lorelei!

Click any photo below to enlarge, then use right/left arrow keys on your keyboard to move through photos.

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PK’s 35th Annual Irises Party

Rain could not dampen such a wonderful year for the Irises at PK’s this year! We hadn’t seen this many, and of so many varieties, out all at once. Truly a year to remember. Thanks PK for opening your house, garden, and party to our dear friends Sue & E.

Click any thumbnail to open a larger picture. Once open you can  use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the photos.

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