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Damn Ampersands

I came across a bug with the jQuery serialize() method. The issue seemed random and I could not identify the source. Now I found it, and it makes total sense. I have an application that tracks member information and added…
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Happy 9th Birthday, Cora!

We celebrated Cora's birthday with Beef 'n Bacon Birthday Cake! Jimmy fried the steak in bacon grease. The house smelled amazing! Puppies got steak. We had chicken salad sammies for dinner. Happy Birthday Cora!!
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Damn Bunnies!

No, not a panda, but you wouldn’t know by their eating habits in New Jersey! We haven’t seen rabbits in our backyard for a couple years now, no doubt due to Cora and Josh, so I got a little lazy protecting the large new shoots in our first bamboo bed, Yellow Groove.
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