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Damn Bunnies!

No, not a panda, but you wouldn’t know by their eating habits in New Jersey! We haven’t seen rabbits in our backyard for a couple years now, no doubt due to Cora and Josh, so I got a little lazy protecting the large new shoots in our first bamboo bed, Yellow Groove.
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MICOR – The Micrographics Corporation

I am a pack rat. Not a secret. Today, going through some old boxes I found several gems, and this picture below is one of them. A business card from MICOR - The Micrographics Corporation. I could not find their logo anywhere online so figured I would blog about it and post a picture of the business card I was given, with what I guess was my employee number written on it. I worked there from 1988 to 1991.
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Happy 7th Birthday, Josh!

On Monday, sharing the day with my brother and Julia Roberts, our boy Josh turned 7 years old. Things happen, and he doesn’t mind, so we celebrated a little late. Many layered birthday steak cake was enjoyed by both! Click…
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