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Cypress Trees vs Solar Energy

We are going solar! But some of our Leyland Cypress trees had to get a trim so that they did not block any sun from reaching the panels. These were the tallest of our cypresses, it was a little hard to see them trimmed so drastically but the bigger win is our electric bill. Solar wins!
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PK’s 35th Annual Irises Party

Rain could not dampen such a wonderful year for the Irises at PK’s this year! We hadn’t seen this many, and of so many varieties, out all at once. Truly a year to remember. Thanks PK for opening your house,…
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Damn Cutworms!

Damn cutworms strike again! Well, now we think we know what it is. The garden is surrounded with poultry fencing and there are no footprints anywhere. This is what Jimmy found this morning. Same Giant Belgium plant, but there is still one good stem left--and it looks very healthy. We also have another plant that has not been bothered of this same variety. I am very thankful that the Fourth of July one has not been bothered.
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