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Our Garden vs Critter(s)

This morning the "Varmint(s) of Voorhees" struck again, this time taking from one of the Giant Belgium plants! This was an act of war. I ran to Home Depot and bought 50' of galvanized poultry netting and surrounded the tomato section. This is now two levels of fencing around this section of the garden. The 4th of July, get this, has now a 3rd layer of protection as it is also surrounded with hardware cloth fencing!
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Tomato Canning 2012

I talked about it, and talked about it, and finally got around to it last night. My first attempt at canning tomatoes. It took forever it seemed, but I still enjoyed it and will do again. The most time consuming…
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No Lottery Numbers? Let’s Go For A Ride

Our garden has seen better years, but we are getting some produce out of it. Years ago it was the groundhog that was our enemy but not sure what it is this year-- maybe birds? Yesterday, a familiar looking face...
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