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Cypress Trees vs Solar Energy

We are going solar! But some of our Leyland Cypress trees had to get a trim so that they did not block any sun from reaching the panels. These were the tallest of our cypresses, it was a little hard to see them trimmed so drastically but the bigger win is our electric bill. Solar wins!
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New “Badass” TV Mount

Jimmy installed an OmniMount PLAY 40 Wall TV Mount in my office last night. Designed to hold up to 40 lbs, our older flat-screen TV is 25 lbs. A piece of cake for this badass Terminator-like arm mount. Love it!
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Leyland Cypresses 2012 Trim

Anyone who is close to us knows how much we love our Leyland Cypress trees. We installed them ourselves and were very proud of the job we had done. Now, years later they tower over us and are a wonderful…
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