New “Badass” TV Mount

After several tries getting a large flat-screen TV to hang at our family room desk area for Jimmy, as a desktop extension for his small laptop monitor, I finally got a large monitor instead of a TV. I bought for him the largest good television to mount on the wall but then realized that a TV that close was not a good solution. I then went with a large monitor and all was good. But now, we had an extra television in the house. After shuffling TVs room to room I ended up with an older flat-screen TV that was bigger than the old CRT television currently being used. Now it was my time to get a wall mounted television.

Now with a flat-screen TV sitting in my office, I began to think about a wall mount for it too. This 27″ television is old enough that it is 25 lbs. I researched different wall mounts that would allow for me to hang it above my monitors but there isn’t much room in there so needed one that allowed for both vertical and horizontal adjustments. I found the OmniMount wall mounts were just what I was looking for. The OmniMount PLAY40 would be perfect as we wouldn’t have to worry about mounting it in a perfect location as I could adjust it after it was mounted. Our estimate location was perfect.

It wasn’t too difficult to install because Jimmy installed it. 🙂  It took a couple of hours and several swear words but now that it is installed it is awesome. Jimmy shared the product page on Facebook and a friend (hi David!) wrote, “That’s actually pretty badass”… it is! Thank you Jimmy for installing it for me!

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