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Garden State Equality – Equality Walk 2013

We have been married, in our's and our friend's & family's eyes, for nearly 16 years; however, in the state of New Jersey our relationship status is second class under the law, labeled a "civil union". Jimmy and I are participating in Garden State Equality's Equality Walk 2013 on Saturday June 22, 2013. Please support us! Every little bit helps!!
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Thanks Amazon & Microsoft (Sorry, AFA)

I just received an "AFA Action Alert" from the American Family Association. OMG! and Microsoft have put out "pro-homosexual marriage commercials"!!! Their plea is to get members to contact Microsoft and Amazon to urge them to stop promoting homosexual marriage. HA! Good luck with that Mr. Wildmon.
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Superbowl Sunday, Our Allies & Haters

Superbowl Sunday XLVII. Who to root for? Truth be told, I will be rooting for scores that match blocks on my work's football pool, but I'll still be rooting for players over teams, some for and some against.
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