Leyland Cypresses 2012 Trim

Anyone who is close to us knows how much we love our Leyland Cypress trees. We installed them ourselves and were very proud of the job we had done. Now, years later they tower over us and are a wonderful privacy fence. We put them up after a fued with our neighbor about the pine trees that were dividing our yards were too close to her side of the property line. They were, but she was being picky and not nice about it. In frustration of the situation we had them removed, to stop the bickering. Then we needed something to block our view of her house and these trees were the answer. We read that Leyland Cypresses grow 3 feet a year, and they were right! Believe it or not, most of these trees are only eight years old. The trees in the backyard (back left) are the tallest and are probably 10-11 years old.

Trimming them now is a real chore. Not that it wasn’t ever, but now that they are so big we have to have professionals come out and do the job. Since installation we have always trusted Bartlett’s Tree Experts, and still they are the only company we hire to care for them. At their size now they don’t need the fertilizing treatments we did years ago, and we have learned to not try trimming them ourselves. Below are pictures of before and after their trimming. Click any picture for a larger view, then use keyboard arrow keys to move through them. We are very happy with how they turned out.

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