No Lottery Numbers? Let’s Go For A Ride

Our garden has seen better years, but we are getting some produce out of it. Years ago it was the groundhog that was our enemy but not sure what it is this year– maybe birds? Don’t know. But yesterday, a familiar looking face showed up just outside the garden, trying to blend with the squirrels. Yeah, good luck with that!


I put out our humane animal trap, dropped a tomato that went half bad in it, and left it at the entrance of the garden. When I went to go fetch the trap the little guy ran and hid under our wood shed. I don’t know how deep they have it now, but a colony of animals could take residence under our shed. It looks to go down pretty far. Guess when we look out back and find no shed, we’ll know where to look for it.

After work today, still hot outside, dogs did not want to go out. I went out to look at our bamboo (duh) and then remembered the trap. Well, what do we have here? He was actually quite cute, but had to go. I drove him down the road and let him run free. Funny that you open these traps and show the way out and they sit there frozen. I find I have to bang the trap to get him to run out. Silly, stupid, varmint.

I asked him for lottery numbers before we left. He just looked at me. I told him to “Keep On Scratchin‘”.   🙂

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