Maddening Heights

So, what is Maddening Heights? “The Heights” is simply the high back corner of our backyard where we have our fire pit. In the summer months, on a Friday or Saturday night, we like to relax and hang out by the fire. The only technology allowed is one of our smart phones, tuned to Sirius radio and jacked into a boom box. We find this truly relaxing and a time to just talk. Very therapeutic too.

I found the fire pit on Craigslist many years ago, at $40 a real bargain. The top right of the backyard was never used for anything. Buried in years of leaves the ground there is spongy and doesn’t grow any grass. Perfect, it’s like a campground. Jimmy strung holiday lights around the trees making it very inviting. My father gave us a catalog customized stone sign with “Maddens” on the mailbox, and oddly looks very much like our property, we hung that at the entrance.

How did it get the name Maddening Heights? Jimmy held an online challenge on Facebook and our friend Paul McKissick came up with the winning name. Of course, ‘Maddening’ for ‘Madden, and Heights for it being ‘higher’ ground level than the base of the backyard we love the name.

I have several photos that I will need to post here, but wanted to get this post started. Also, I installed WordPress for iPad so wanted to test it out. 🙂

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