Damn Cutworms!

Damn cutworms strike again! Well, now we think we know what it is. The garden is surrounded with poultry fencing and there are no footprints anywhere. This is what Jimmy found this morning. Same Giant Belgium plant, but there is still one good stem left–and it looks very healthy. We also have another plant that has not been bothered of this same variety. I am very thankful that the Fourth of July one has not been bothered.

So, I went to Home Depot after seeing this damage and picked up some Ortho Bug-Gata Plus which claims to be able to kill cutworms. Time will tell. From the bit of reading that i did about these, “cutworms” is a catchall phrase for many times of caterpillars, the moth variety. I now don’t feel very sorry for them.

So, I interrupt my day at the computer to go out into the garden and put in shields around the stems of all the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. This is a war, right? And where there is war, there are shields. I joked with my boss that if anything takes out this Fourth of July plant, next year I am going to have a motion-activated camera set on the garden that can shoot lasers.

Lasers. Yes, that will be fun.

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