Madden Puppy Raw Breakfasts – “Mad Raw Chow”


20 lbs Ground Beef
3 lbs Beef Liver
2.5 lbs Chicken Liver
2 lbs Beef Kidney
1 lb Beef Heart
5 lbs Sweet potato / Yam
4.5 lbs Celery (4 packs)
4 lbs Butternut squash (leave skin, remove seeds)
2 lbs Carrots
1.5 lbs Green beans (remove stems)
40 oz Dark kidney beans (drained)
29 oz Pumpkin (real pumpkin, not pie mix)
48 Eggs
1.5 cups Canola oil
32 oz Plain Non-Fat Yogurt
16 cups Rice (measured uncooked)

  [but I thought it was a raw diet? you kiss a Komondor who has eaten raw egg!]

Cook rice and scramble eggs. Refrigerate. [we temporarily store in a cat litter plastic container]

  [makes it easier to puree]

Veggie Portion:  Grind celery (celery first, drain & scoop extracted juice for later use), sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, green beans, and kidney beans. Add pumpkin.

Organ Meat Portion:  Grind beef liver, chicken liver, beef kidney, and beef heart. Refrigerate.

Done with grinder.

  [breaks down the veggies to a consistency that the dogs will benefit most from]

Puree veggie portion, slowly adding canola oil, yogurt, and green bean juice as needed to process.

Done with food processor. 


Combine veggie portion, organ portion, cooked rice, eggs, and meaty portion. Thoroughly mix. In a large plastic tub, mix using a power drill with a cement mixer attachment.


Measure 1.5 lbs portions into gladware containers. Supplement each with 2 scoops (dash) kelp, 1 heaping scoop (pinch) garlic, 1 T flaxseed oil. Freeze.

Makes @ 60 – 1.5 lb. portions.

* They eat twice daily. Above meal in the AM, and raw chicken for dinner, bone-in. We have to grind Cora’s chicken as she doesn’t like to chew the whole bone. Silly girl.

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