Best Spent $20, The LightKeeper Pro

I never write product reviews, let alone blog one. A product which could have very well been just a gimmick at the holidays really surprised me. Now I am quite proud of myself, while getting a “well done honey” from the hubby.

At Christmas we decorate our stairway with thick, heavy, artificial garland which has Christmas lights wrapped around it. Jimmy handled the stairs while I finished decorating the tree. About 10 minutes after we went our decorating ways I hear *@%&$#&!! Oh no, what happened. One set of lights is not working. Puzzled because I thought they didn’t make those kind of lights anymore, the kind “if one goes out, they all go out”. Not knowing the problem, and tired and ready for bed, he is finished with that for the night.

We talk about it and he points out that in order to replace the strand he has to replace all strands. Jimmy HATES mix matched lights. In fact, I (unofficially) am not allowed to do lights, not even on the tree. He thinks I put on too many. So we leave it for the night, understood that that section will just be dark until next year when they are all replaced.

I looked at them today and tried to find the burned out bulb. No luck. I then googled for ideas on methods to find burned out bulbs or failing light sets. I then started searching for testers. Not since my days of Pennco Tech have I touched my electric meter tester thing and had no idea where it could be. A product search eventually brought me to the LightKeeper Pro. I read some good reviews and thought, what the hell, if I can fix this light set it would be like saving Christmas in this house.

Amazon had it but I wouldn’t get it until after Christmas. I refuse to go to Lowe’s (boycott) so didn’t bother looking there. Sears never has anything I want either. Home Depot had them but all of the stores in the area were sold out. I found a store in Pennsylvania that had 10 of them. I called to verify and indeed they had them. Half an hour away, plus $5 bridge toll plus gas, I find myself with this plastic device in my grasp.

Heading to self checkout, giggling to myself that I probably just wasted $20, Jimmy texts me “what are you buying?”. I took a picture and messaged it back to him. Simple reply: “ha ha”. OK, at least I am raising spirits in this.

I finally get home, rush up the stairs, and unpack my gun. Who needs instructions I start aiming and shooting. Nothing is working. OK, time for instructions. Return to light set and position the gun to each light and press the button. Beep Beep Beep Beep. OK, at least this thing is working. Starting to get my confidence up.

Jimmy comes home, hears beeping, and heads my way. I think he is laughing, while asking, “So, does it work?” I explain I don’t know, “but it beeps!” I laugh. I try some more and find myself on a light that is not beeping. Could it be? I remove the bulb, looks fine to me. Attach the gun to the light strand and LIGHTS! I found the bad socket in 5-10 minutes from unboxing. Jimmy sees the light strand light, we are both happy.

He goes on with his thing and I replace the light. A warm fuzzy feeling as all the lights are now lit. I go get Jimmy, take him by the hand, leading him to the stairs. Ah, all is right in the world. Its funny how much power one little broken Christmas light has. 🙂

Taking a picture of the light I now see that it wasn’t burned out, but broken–the tip. I couldn’t see this until I zoomed in on the picture for this silly post.

Happy Holidays!

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    My name is Linda and I am the Marketing Manager for Ulta-Lit Technologies, Inc (HOME OF THE LIGHTKEEPER PRO). I am so happy that our product was able to help you in your time of need! Congrats on your new purchase and wishing you happy holidays!


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