The last addition to our zoo is Sable. I wanted a black cat, a solid black cat. We put feelers out to friends that if they found a black cat for adoption to let us know. Our dear friend Katie found him for us in Philadelphia. He is also large like Nala was, but it isn’t the food because Kaatzskyll eats the same amount and she is very thin. He is the friendliest cat one could ever want. He puts his front legs on you, begging to be picked up by the “underarms”. Lifts to the ceiling come next. He really hugs too, it’s as neat as it is odd. He gets along with Josh but with Cora around she doesn’t allow for those times that often. We don’t think Cora would intentionally harm the cats, but she does like to scare them out of the room and/or down to the basement.

Born July 21, 2003.

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