The 24th Day

Saw this movie years ago for the first time, on television. Watching it today on Encore, love it just the same. I am surprised when I look on it gets such a bad review. This movie is one of my favorites.

The only bad thing about this movie was the lack of some hot man-on-man action. Come on Hollywood! With these two hunks, on a movie premise based on a hot one nighter, nothing? LOL

From, The 24th Day:
“Tom (Scott Speedman, from TV’s “Felicity”) has just found out that he’s HIV-positive. A married man who’s been living the “straight” life, Tom had sex once, years earlier, with a man named Dan (James Marsden), and now he’s on a mission to find him. His plan: kidnap Dan, take a blood sample and see if it comes back positive; if so, he’ll kill him. The stage is set for a supreme battle of wills in this drama based on Tony Piccirillo’s play.”

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James Marsden

Scott Speedman


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