Bamboo… Play Dead! Good boy.

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Wow! Just wow. Very interesting. A student at the University of Western Australia, Ryan Kempster, has made a discovery while working on his thesis. A “bamboo” shark, well- the embryos, can control their respiration and heartbeat to hide from predators. I found the video interesting that these sharks don’t grow, or at least much of their pre-life state, inside their mother or inside an egg, but in egg cases, for almost half a year before they are truly born into the wild. They, sharks, have two more senses than humans do: (1) a vibration sense, and (2) and electro sense that can detect bioelectric fields by nearby moving fish. By those extra senses they know when to shut down their respiration and not moving, tricking predators to move on. Of course I found this by their name, “bamboo sharks”.

VIDEO: Bamboo sharks play dead

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