Newest Bamboo Garden: P. bambusoides

After nearly three years from the initial layout and design, our bambusoides bed is finally complete! Started in August 2009, there were several phases of this project. Stand the barrier, support it (thanks Jimmy and Trevor for fighting me on this) to keep it in place, and filling it, which took the longest. After installing two plants, which each shot a new shoot just days after being planted, added a thick layer of mulch and finished it with a nice bamboo fencing and bricks along the bottom to protect it from the weed whacker. It has been done mostly since the end of last summer, but now we have also cleared trees to give it more sun.

I did not realize that new culms of this bamboo do not emerge until late spring, unlike the yellow groove, black, and arrow which are shooting new shoots now- it is early spring. So now I know I shouldn’t be watching this one so closely just yet. This is good, stretches out the entertainment over all of spring.

The photos below tell the story from initial layout to tree trimming and removal.

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