Cora’s Reverse Push Ups


My friend Ann and I were emailing back and forth this morning about our dogs. Ann was breeder of our Butch to her Enek, twice, which produced her two boys Ingo and Bahtrok, and our Cora. Later a repeat breeding brought us our Josh. Our conversation started telling of our little surfer boy (counter-surfer, that is) Josh, who scored a hard-boiled egg before it got to the dying process for Easter Eggs. Bad, silly boy Josh.

As the emails continued, Ann brought up to me that Enek (Cora’s canine mommy) had done her (what a mutual friend Tomi referred to as) “Reverse Push Ups”. This is where the girl is so happy she lays on her back and kicks her legs up in the air, not in any rhythm but what does resemble a very clumsy, awkward push up, upside down. So silly.

Ann was telling me that on their walk yesterday, Enek found a very grassy area that seemed to be perfect for this exercise. She plumped down and went to it. I was so glad to first realize now where Cora gets this from, but know that Enek still does this at her age, that there will be much more time that Cora may do the same. See, I have been trying to get this captured on either photo or video but the moment she spots me watching with any device in my hand, game over.

Not today! Caught her! Not the best shot, but enough for proof that she does this. Crazy and cute, it only happens on happy days. When she is happy, whether it be weather, treats, stuff to bark at– anything that makes her happy, these are the times for it. Today it was treats and our both being home all day relaxing with them was a good enough reason to do silly dog things in the yard.

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April 20, 2012 — Update! Caught her on video!

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