Haddonfield-Berlin Road Reconstruction Project 2012

Finally, our taxes being put to use on this road. Since we have moved to Voorhees, New Jersey, this road has been the worst in the area. I drive 50 miles to my place of work and there is no other road on my commute as bad as this. The last stretch of road to our house, just past one of the end points of this project, is good– because it is not in our township, but instead Gibbsboro.

Only one thing I am upset about–the notice of a public meeting on the project, less than four hours notice to residents and business owners. Nice.

The letter is from Ian Leonard, Freeholder. Well, Mr. Leonard- I will remember this the next election day. Why such short notice- something to hide or avoid? Not right. With notice I could have attended the meeting. I’m glad it is being done, but would like to know if there will be road widening, project time-frame, etc.

The letter stated that those interested in the project can get email updates. For anyone who did not get the notice, it read that you can sign up for these updates at www.camdencounty.com. I just visited the site and could not find anything on the project. Oh well.

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