New Music: Lilla Sällskapet (Little Company)

Photo taken at Ekonomikum Park in May 2002,
by Tor Johnsson.

Wow! Lilla Sällskapet. My friend Fredrik (from Sweden) just introduced them to me–well, their work, not them. A Swedish group, whose name translates to “Little Company”, have a song out that he and I really like. Music is music, I don’t understand a word of it, but I like it. He FB’d me “This is their latest video/single. ‘I want out’ (the song is about wanting to go out partying). I like the song and the ending of this video so please watch it all the way to the end…”. I did and enjoyed it beginning to end.  The song is “Jag Vill Ut” which loosely translates to “I Want Out”.

That was great, right? I’ll have to find the lyrics. When searching for them the first time I was struck by how wild these Swede’s really are. First thing I found was a music video from the duo from last year titled: “Genova” !!! OMG!

NSFW —  those who don’t know, this stands for, “Not Safe For Work“. What this means is don’t click “play” unless you are at home, and are comfortable watching a video that has been tagged “age-restricted” by YouTube. Oh, those Swedes….


“Earlier this month Sweden’s Lilla Sällskapet released this wild video for “Genova,” and it might make you blush. This video is 100% NSFW and features nudity, so really best to not watch it at work. But you should watch the promo, because it’s artfully done and it might just be the best modern depiction of longing for a distant loved one (via masturbation!) ever set to a music video. You need not speak Swedish to understand what’s going on in this clip.”

I warned you! 🙂

Tor Johnsson – Small Society (May 25, 2012)

Tor Johnsson’s Website

Lilla Sällskapet’s Erotic Europop: “Genova”

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