Turkeys Roosting in Voorhees, NJ

A family of turkeys has been established in our area of the woods. First our friends/neighbors across the street had them, just a couple- a male and female — apparently. Now there a dozen or more little turkeys running around, crossing our sometimes busy street which few care for the posted speed limit. That has me worried.

It has been pretty cool watching them. We have been trying to get pictures of them but while they may not seem that bright, they know when they hear a screen door open or a camera being clicked as they can vanish in no time. We have managed to get some pictures, but think tonight we got the best capture of them- on video up in the trees.

Earlier today Jimmy called me abruptly, “COME HERE!”. At first I was worried thinking something was wrong with the dogs. He assured me all was OK and told me to come outside. He had our still camera. “What’s going on?” I ask. Apparently a turkey found its way into our backyard and then Cora and Josh realized it and chased it. When Jimmy called me the turkey was on our roof but unfortunately it had moved on by the time his camera was ready and I was watching.

All was quiet for the rest of the day. Then tonight Jimmy called me again to tell me they were up in the trees. He said they were “roosting”. I had heard the phrase before but didn’t know what it meant. Google. OK, so it just means hanging out in a tree. Cool. So there we have it, the turkeys have found a safe place away from our busy street and our friendly Komondors- up in the sassafras trees. The below video shows them in a tree in our neighbor’s yard. I really didn’t think they could fly that high, or really at all.

I love nature. Always learning something new. As long as they don’t start craving bamboo, we will all live in peace.

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