Chick-Fil-Gay Day At The Maddens

In recognition of all the anti-gay haters that I saw lined up at three different Chick-Fil-A restaurants I passed today, and there were many! (it was depressing to see just how many flock to support a company to hate us), Jimmy made us Chick-Fil-Gay sandwiches and waffle fries for dinner tonight. All the taste of a sandwich you’d get from that place, without all the hate. Profits from the purchase of our meal do not go to hate groups, and the chicken(s), Perdue, were probably taken care of in a more humane manner as well.

They were delicious! Jimmy followed the recipe by Hilah Cooking, “Chick-Fil-Gay” (because it will make you happy) .. the pickle is the secret.

Why are we Gays (yes, capitalized.. we have recently been dubbed “Big Gay”) so intolerant of those who cannot tolerate us? Below are a few reasons. Also think about this, and forget about their funding anti-gay hate groups for a second and just concentrate on the voiced opinion/position of the owner of the company. What if Mr. Cathy would have merely said that it was better “back in the day” when blacks were slaves, or something antisemitic, or even sexist, would it be OK for the same hateful souls to publicly and proudly support that restaurant? No. It is shameful what society is allowing, and siding with, in this “culture war”.

Most upsetting is Jimmy and I know we have people in our lives that will ignore all of this because that god-damn-fucking-chicken-sandwich is just too good, too good, they just can’t help it. So they fund the very groups who bring about hate and violence to our family and friends. It’s not just a fucking sandwich! Very upsetting.

And last, for you Christians (like you go to church, really?) taking offense at this post… if you really read your bible, you would realize that Jesus never condemned our love, but I think he had a few things to say about your actions right now. Good luck.

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