The Humpy Awards – Featuring Richie!

I was supposed to get an email alert when this was released, but I didn’t. On June 30th I was an extra in a unique “Dog Show” video. We were told that the end result was to be a viral video which would be a tease of an upcoming television show or movie. They were very secretive, and I signed a confidentiality agreement that I was not to say anything about it. I kept my word and only told Jimmy about it. I wish he would have been able to make it, but he had to work.

So, it has been out now for several months. Something made me remember it this morning so I searched for it. In a “job” that I was paid $125 cash, to sit in a hotel conference room and watch dog’s humping legs all day. It was really fun but I did get tired of smiling that long. We managed to finish early, out by 5pm. We had to agree to stay for the duration as you only got paid upon leaving.

On July 9, 2012, it was on the Huffington Post, “The Humpy Awards: Dog Leg-Humping Competition Is Brilliant Viral Marketing For New AMC Show (VIDEO)“. And captioned on, “The unusual competition appears to be staged as part of a viral marketing stunt for AMC’s new reality series ‘Small Town Security,’ which debuts July 15.”

Advertising Agency: Thinkmodo, New York City, USA
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Copywriters: James L. Percelay, Michael Krivicka
Directors: Michael Krivicka, James L. Percelay
Producers: James L. Percelay, Michael Krivicka
Published: September 2012

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The Humpy Awards, A Dog Leg Humping Competition

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