Our Leyland Cypresses & Hurricane Sandy 2012

We were very lucky compared to some friends and loved ones with Hurricane Sandy. We had a few things move around the yard and even though we were right in the path of the storm, we had little damage.

Were were given plenty of notice, and the days leading up to Sandy’s arrival we had a some nice days to prepare. We have two lines of Leyland Cypresses that run the side borders of our property. They are healthy, lush, and beautiful, and they are getting a much needed trim in a few days.

The way our property lies with the rest of the neighborhood, the trees on the right side of our property are most susceptible to high winds. Our neighbors to that side do not have any trees or anything to block the wind, so when it gets going–it hits us hard.

Leyland Cypresses have a very shallow root system. Add that to lots of rain and it doesn’t take much to push them over. So, we supported the side that was expected to need it. Not fun, Jimmy’s arms to prove it, we were able to support every tree on that side. It worked, if it was needed, as all of those trees are fine now.

We did have a couple trees that were a problem, but we managed to get them upright again. Now, we hope they are fine, and only time will tell. Click any thumbnail below, and then use your right and left arrow keys on your keyboard to move between them, to show how we managed to upright and (hopefully) fix the worse of the two trees.

[AFG_gallery id=’22’]

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