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Newest Bamboo Garden: P. bambusoides

After nearly three years from the initial layout and design, our bambusoides bed is finally complete! Started in August 2009, there were several phases of this project.
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Fargesia robusta ‘Campbell’

Our sole clumping (non-invasive) bamboo, F. robusta, is finally showing new life, after buying and planting in April 2010. Two Summers of nothing, this Spring proves to be different with many new shoots much taller than the original ground cover we planted.
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First Black Shoot 2012!

Friday the 13th was not an unlucky day for me this year. Day at work was good, ride home could have been worse -- even though the Schuylkill Expressway eastbound was closed so I had to take the Blue Route home, I still got home in an hour and a half. I have a splitting headache, but it is sinuses, time of year. Beautiful day with lots of sun... and the first shoot in our Black Bamboo Garden was waiting for me when I got home.
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