Queen of the Night has moved to the office

This ‘Queen of the Night’ was born from a single leaf we got on our trip to New Orleans– many years ago. Friends we met online, in the very early years of the web, that we reached out to asking for assistance/advice from any gays or gay couples for “local” recommendations before we left. Before returning home, one of the guys gave me a “leaf” that was just laying on the ground. He told me to just put it in dirt when we got home and it would grow into a plant. It was outside in New Orleans, but a house plant here.

From that one leaf many plants have been propagated from it. For the last several years it has been in our bedroom growing completely out of control. I love that it grows while and supports itself in the process. We once caught it bloom and did get some photos. The name comes from its bloom. It blooms in the middle of the night and then the flower dies. The flower does not make it to morning. It is the most fragrant of flowers too.

Well, Jimmy will be very happy to know it has left the bedroom, where it was beginning to tangle our mini blinds as it reached for sun. In the office I will keep a closer eye on it and trim it when needed. This pot should also support it as it grows wild.

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