Someday: Bamboo @ San Diego Botanic Garden

Someday life will find us on vacation in California. Until reading about the Bamboo Garden at the San Diego Botanic Garden, the plan has been San Francisco. How can I not visit a garden “with largest bamboo collection in the United States”? With the cable cars, trolleys, fog, food, Chinatown, we have at least one great friend (Green!) waiting for our visit, San Francisco will happen for us someday. Now, turns out that our “someday” trip to the west coast will involve two airports, as I cannot imagine spending 8 hours in a rental car once there.

I have a feeling that once I find myself on the west coast I will not want to leave. I would not miss the winters of the Northeast, even when they are mild. We would love to live in a warmer climate but moving to North Carolina or Florida with the current state of gay rights, no thanks. Anywhere in California would be better than there. The other problem is I like my job here, even with the commute. So, for now anyway, it is good to dream.

LOVE the below image, from, by growin, taken at the San Diego Botanic Garden. A striped bamboo reminds me of my favorite cold hardy bamboo, Vivax, which we have potted by our front door. Painted Bamboo, Striped Bamboo, Golden Hawaiian Bamboo ‘Vittata’, Bambusa vulgaris. Beautiful!

QuestForTheBest: San Diego Botanic Garden, a place of year-round beauty

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