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Someday: Bamboo @ San Diego Botanic Garden

Someday life will find us on vacation in California. Until reading about the Bamboo Garden at the San Diego Botanic Garden, the plan has been San Francisco. How can I not visit a garden "with largest bamboo collection in the United States"? With the cable cars, trolleys, fog, food, Chinatown, we have at least one great friend (Green!) waiting for our visit, San Francisco will happen for us someday. Now, turns out that our "someday" trip to the west coast will involve two airports, as I cannot imagine spending 8 hours in a rental car once there.
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Bamboo Sighting: Kardashian Khristmas Kard/The View

Funny video, but the reason for this post of course, is the bamboo on the set that is seen behind Whoopi. I love it! We don't get a very good shot of it but I do think that it may very well be real.
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My First Bamboo Bed – The Bamboo Pond

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