Tim Tebow, My Two Cents

So I have jumped the bandwagon and find myself watching/listening to the Broncos vs. Patriots, Tebow vs. Brady game. No, I am not a closet football fan, but understand it and can watch and follow it. Mostly though I am watching it to hopefully watch Tebow go down, or kiss another player. It looks like he doesn’t have a prayer in this game.

I don’t hate Tim Tebow. I know little about him. But, from what I do know I don’t like him very much. Reason? He is a spokesman for Focus on the Family, an anti-gay hate group. Nuff said. Focus on the Family, as much as being anti-gay is also very much pro-life which seems to be the ‘focus’ for Timmy given the story told in the super bowl ad of him and his mother. There is also chatter about Tebow being a closet gay himself. He has refused, or was blocked by his spokesman, to answer questions when asked about his views on marriage equality.

If he is gay, what a difference it would make for him to come out during this moment of fame. His being loved by so many, aligned with an anti-gay hate group, being a conservative christian, his fame would break so many stereotypes and do much for the sports world to more accepting to LGBT people. If he does come out one day and marries, I’d guess he would find himself in an interracial marriage.

Boy would that piss off the National Association of Freewill Baptist Churches (NAFBC), a group behind a recent national campaign against interracial marriage. Tim Tebow Denounced by Opponents of Interracial Marriage, Buckner Wheat, January 2 2012:

“Frankly, I have no problem with mixed marriages, and we welcome them in our congregation,” reported NAFBC Executive Secretary, Ryan Burden. “But when a strapping Christian quarterback like Tim Tebow, who is such a fine spokesman for Christian purity, is seen time and time again kissing only blacks, well, that gives a confusing message to our young people.”

Still watching the game, it is now commercial time. What is this I hear? CBS sold Focus on the Family an ad spot in tonight’s game. Goddammit. It sucks that in this country, in this day and age, a hate group can buy ad space during football games. Go Patriots!!

Focus on the Family Airs National TV Commercial During Tonight’s Broncos-Patriots Playoff Game (January 14, 2012)

Timmy, Tebowing…

Focus on the Family 2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercial with Tim Tebow

Tony Joiner kissing Tim Tebow 9/15/2007

Tim Tebow Kisses Demaryius Thomas 10/23/2011

Jimmy Fallen channels David Bowie, Tim Tebow
“This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow, please leave me alone … don’t you know my day of rest is Sunday?”

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