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Tim Tebow, My Two Cents

I have jumped the bandwagon and am watching the Broncos vs. Patriots, Tebow vs. Brady game. Watching it to hopefully see Tebow go down, or kiss another player. It looks like he doesn't have a prayer in this game. Go Patriots!

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Second “Family” Member Is “Family”

I knew it! Well, I had a hunch. In this morning’s online news I learned that Kristy McNichol has come out of the closet. She marks the second, following Meredith Baxter, from the cast of the 70’s television drama “Family” …
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My gaydar is on the blink!

I really don’t know how I missed these boys. Chris (“Eating Out“) was born in Richboro, PA, just 14 miles from where I grew up in Levittown. In fact, in the years I was in Bandstand USA, I had good…
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