We had a large Oak tree in our backyard, actually three trees that grew into each other, that we wanted to mostly remove. The tree was nice, but the broken acorn shells left behind by the squirrels were too much. Poor dogs couldn’t run without hurting their paws, and for us – walking outside in bare feet, forget it. I went to ServiceMagic.com to find a tree removal company as I have had luck with their contractors in the past.  I got three responses very quickly. All companies who gave me estimates were professional and nice. Hyperion Tree Service was the best price, half that of one of the other two.

Watching his guys way up in the tree made me really appreciate my day job. We asked them to not cut it completely down, but to leave very tall stumps, maybe 24 feet high. We are going to put birdhouses on top of them in the Spring. We also left the base of the tree because Cora would get up inside the three trees at the base when she was younger and just stand there looking at us. It also has a dog crossing sign, Komondor Xing, so it is sentimental. We also had three Sassafras trees removed, one cleaned up, and a smaller Oak cleaned up as well. Aside from the big Oak tree, this job was to clear trees from our above-ground bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) bed to give it more sun and allow it to grow in height without getting caught up in the trees.

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