If you can’t say anything nice

I didn’t know anyone read my posts. Yes, my life is an open book, and yes- online, most of the time I don’t care. Our lives are so short, why keep any part of it hidden? Silly. So, with that said, a sentence with in a paragraph for only one who has continue reading to this point, ha ha. I only bad mouthed the governor, someone who is beyond winning-over, and this was limited to facebook. After that, I only emailed one assemblywoman. I did not vent but did cast shame. I compared her thinking of today to what I dealt with growing up. I compared her family to mine. I compared her vote on marriage equality to those in history who voted against a woman’s right to vote. Was I beet red at the time of the writing? Probably. But most important: I kept my cool, didn’t use any bad words, and maintained respect. With all that, I know an email I just read had nothing to do with me. Add to that, if a particular Senator or Assemblyperson happens to stamp-out a flaming bag of dog poo on her doorstep, that wasn’t me either.

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