Marvin’s Room

Just finished watching [a favorite film], Marvin’s Room. The story of a woman, Bessie (Diane Keaton) who is has been the caretaker for her father “Marvin” for nearly 20 years, who now herself faces Leukemia. Marvin had a stroke and was left bed-ridden. Marvin’s other daughter, Lee (Meryl Streep) who had been absent during all these years, comes to visit with her son, Hank (Leonardo DeCaprio) [favorite actor], who is a real challenge in life. He apparently set fire to their family home and was then institutionalized. They all fail to be matches to help Bessie.

Favorite scenes:

  • Mother dresses up to watch a wedding on a soap opera, too cute.
  • Hank drives along the coastline in Bessie’s car, very touching.
  • Bessie uses a contact mirror to reflect daylight coming in from the window to entertain Marvin.

It is that last favorite scene that really gets me. It reminds me of my visits with Grandma toward the end of her battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Never underestimate the joy that comes from the most simple forms of entertainment.

Rotten Tomatoes:

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