Prop 8 Unconstitutional! Mayors for the Freedom to Marry!

Image from a historic day! Today, February 7, 2012, marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples received a winning vote in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — a federal court ruling on marriage equality. While we won, the proponents of Prop8 won standing, so now we wait for where they will continue their fight 0f intolerance and hate. From what I understand, they could appeal to the entire Ninth Circuit, or at least a larger body of the circuit, or go to the Supreme Court. I have a hunch that it will go no further. Both the full Ninth Circuit and the Supreme Court could decide not to entertain this anymore and the current stay would be lifted, allowing marriages to continue. The ruling only affects California so SCOTUS wouldn’t have a reason to touch this “hot button” issue.

Mayor of Voorhees, NJ - Michael MignognaOn this same day, our Mayor’s name was added to Freedom To Marry’s “Mayors for the Freedom to Marry” list: Mayor of Voorhees, New Jersey, Michael Mignogna. I messaged him through Facebook with information about this project a couple of weeks ago. In just days I received a response, “Thanks for sending. Happy to help.”. How cool is that? He performed our “civil union” ceremony on the first day they were available, nearly five years ago.

Our New Jersey Civil Union, February 23, 2007

Thank you Mayor Mignogna!

Mayors for the Freedom to Marry

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