DIY Flower Pot Bird Bath

This project started from an absolute tragedy- the death of a very pretty bird bath I found on Craigslist. I had it on bricks, not very stable in hindsight, and a windy day brought it to a crash upon itself. I don’t know how it cracked into so many pieces, but it was beyond repair. I kept a search going on Craigslist for another one but nothing that pretty was showing up again.

Then I saw a picture of one on (shown to the right) that someone built themselves from flower pots. Excellent! I was set to build one for our bird area in the backyard. I wanted ours to be taller than the one that I saw, but also liked the smaller dish on top for bird seed. That quickly turned into a “kiddie pool” smaller bird bath as putting seed there just invited the squirrels. Tried putting crackers in there too and after one day with the sprinklers or rain, that was the end of that. I think ours looks nice, even if some have commented on it that it looks Mexican with the colors chosen.

Here was another one on Pinterest that had the same design, brighter colors than the first, and without a rock to stabilize the top saucer. I didn’t want to take any chances and used a larger top saucer so the rock is pretty much hidden. Since making ours I have seen more ideas on how to build more baths. Maybe next year I’ll get more daring or creative. Until then I hope this one fits the bill!

And here are some photos of my DIY project for our Bird Bath. Click any thumbnail to open to see larger version.

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