Garden State Equality – Equality Walk 2012

Friends & Family,

Jimmy and I are participating in Garden State Equality’s Equality Walk 2012 on Saturday June 23, 2012. Would you please sponsor us?

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Each year we have many anniversaries, but we want the one day, our wedding day, to be the one legally recognized in our state. Our original ceremony was held in Philadelphia. December 6, 1997. We had a minister, witnesses, ring bearers,  cake, (ice sculpture too!) and 100+ of our closest friends– everything a normal wedding has, less one thing: a signed marriage license.

After moving to New Jersey, July 12, 2004 brought to the state “New Jersey Domestic Partnerships”. We were now “domesticated”! We received a “certificate”, not a “license”. Channel 10 was there for the occasion. Nobody understood this status so they were “fixed” a few years later.
On February 23, 2007 our union was “upgraded” to the always-has-been second-class legal status of “Civil Union”. We were now “civilized”! Our friends even got us a “civilized” license plate for the occasion. The courts ordered the legislature to grant equality to same-sex couples, but did not have to be called marriage. Civil Unions have never been equal to Civil Marriage. Separate is not now, nor has ever been equal.
On  December 6, 2009, the twelve year anniversary of our commitment ceremony, we were legally married in Branford, Connecticut. We only told a handful of people we were doing this, so it was like eloping – exciting, romantic. It was a beautiful ceremony. We fell in love with that small town, and the state of Connecticut for having equality in marriage for all couples. However, when we returned home, our marriage was downgraded by the State of New Jersey to the 2nd class “Civil Union” status. We know in our hearts we are married, but still sad, angry, and frustrated with our home state for refusing to recognize it for what it is = a legal marriage.

Please support us in the Equality Walk!

So, this is where we are, fighting for marriage equality with Garden State Equality. We need the support our friends and family, financially, to help us reach this goal. Please read over the following suggested amounts and do what you can. We Thank You!

    • $214 for marriage equality becoming the 214th LGBT law enacted in NJ
    • $101 to honor Garden State Equality’s 101,000 members
    • $81 for the 81 votes needed in the state legislature to override
    • $54 for the 54 votes in the Assembly needed to override
    • $27 for the 27 votes in the Senate needed to override!

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