Neat 5 Tips (if only for me)

I have a love-hate relationship with the Neat Company.

My tips, if only for myself so that I remember them.

(1) Export all documents to PDF. The search within the Neat 5 program is horrible. For example, you cannot search for phrases or even more than one keyword. There is no AND in the search so if multiple keywords are entered, the results will list any document that contains ANY of the keywords, not ALL. Sucks. By exporting you can then use Windows Search or any other good search engine.

(2) Use two monitors. The preview window pane is limited in size. Open a document in full screen and then move it to the second monitor.

Read the many BAD reviews of this software on Amazon. Great idea for a product, but there are just so many flaws that overall it is painful to work with.

To be continually updated…

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