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Hilarious KMart Commercials

Big Gas Savings Ship My Pants…
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Damn Cutworms!

Damn cutworms strike again! Well, now we think we know what it is. The garden is surrounded with poultry fencing and there are no footprints anywhere. This is what Jimmy found this morning. Same Giant Belgium plant, but there is still one good stem left--and it looks very healthy. We also have another plant that has not been bothered of this same variety. I am very thankful that the Fourth of July one has not been bothered.
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Neat 5 Tips (if only for me)

I have a love-hate relationship with the Neat Company. My tips, if only for myself so that I remember them. (1) Export all documents to PDF. The search within the Neat 5 program is horrible. For example, you cannot search…
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