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IMDb Contribution: DTLA

I added a movie to IMDb today for the first time. DTLA, or Downtown Los Angeles, a television show that I hope makes it off the ground. Found it through a Google Alert I have on Doing Time On Maple Drive, a favorite movie of mine.

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If You Can’t Quit(), Get Terminated()

After many long hours troubleshooting the “crash” of an automated instance of Microsoft Access 2007, I finally have a solution. An API call to terminate the instance I want to quit after I close the current database – CloseCurrentDatabase(). The…
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WordPress Bug Solved, Again!

It surprises me that this is still a bug, but even in the latest version of WordPress 3.3 apparently it continues. Someone else figured this out and posted the fix the last time I fixed it for this blog, richiemadden.com,…
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