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If there were to be only one website on the Internet, for me it would be IMDb. Facebook, you’re a close second. It may as well be the start-up site on our iPad as much of the time we use it is to lookup those stumpers: “What movie was he in?” “What’s that actor’s name?”

Along with the stumpers there is another reason. I could have created it (IMDb). When I was young, around the age of 10, I had my own version of IMDb – loose-leaf pages in a binder. I would watch credits in slow motion so I could write them all down. Funny I still have them. I friend of mine at the time inspired me to do that, as we also tried to get actors to allow us to create fan clubs. We never succeeded at that.

Add to that, only a year later, I had a Texas Instruments TI-99/4a, obtained by the same friend after he got an Apple IIe. My TI didn’t keep me satisfied for long, then moved on to a real “home computer”, the Atari 800XL. I chose that over the Commodore 64 because I thought it looked prettier, but the C64 was more popular. By the age of 13 I was a geek. Oh the memories of backing up these old computers to cassette tapes, then restoring, just because. And today I am a database programmer. Shit, IMDb could have been mine!

Favorite TV Show: StarStuff
I was also obsessed with computers at the young age due to a children’s television show that showed on the weekend, “StarStuff“. The show was about a boy and girl who communicated through their computer/television. The “neat” part was, Ingrid was living in space and in the future, but through the magic of television they were able to talk to each other. I had such a crush on Chris (Todd Porter). By the age of eight I knew I was gay. Just didn’t know what it was called, only knew it was my secret. I am one of the admins of the StarStuff Facebook page.

Favorite Actor: William McNamara
What’s the title of this post again? Oh yeah, DTLA. I have a Google Alert setup for “Doing Time on Maple Drive“. A made for TV movie starring Lori Loughlin (Full House, 90210, Summerland), Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura, The Cable Guy, Bruce Almighty), and my favorite: William McNamara (a lot of movies I have not seen). When Doing Time on Maple Drive first aired, I really fell for him. I created the alert originally to find it online for download and now I keep it as it is a fun reminder the things the search returns.

This morning the return was DTLA, Downtown Los Angeles. William McNamara stars alongside Leslie Jordan (LOVE! him), and Darryl Stephens (Noah’s Ark).

DTLA depicts the relationships of seven friends with varied ethnic, cultural, and sexual orientations who work and live in the vibrant community of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a story of love, friendship, loyalty, and being true to oneself – no matter what the cost.  It is the first dramatic series with gay leads since “Queer as Folk,” “Noah’s Arc,” and “The L Word.”

They have created six 30 minute episodes and are looking for funding. I really hope they get it so I can see my Billy in a show I know will like. I have scoured the internet in search of more information on his role, but only found that he is one of the straight characters. Checking IMDb there was no entry for this show so I added it. Not an easy task!


Bill Cosby – The Computer Dude

Starstuff – Opening Theme

Doing Time On Maple Drive

Lots of pictures…

DTLA Official Facebook!/dtla

Kickstarter Page

NNDB::William McNamara

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