InfoDog Winners/Bragging Rights: Butch

I love visiting this page from time to timeButch’s “Winners & Bragging Rights” page on This page contains his show record up through his becoming a champion. FYI, that is what the “CH” preface on his name means.

I was owner / handler and showed him from a puppy to 5 years old. There were not a ton of shows, and we only traveled once to show him: Knoxville, TN. That was not a fun show as he felt my stress. It was the 1999 KCA National Komondor Specialty, there were many dogs. Butch was not enjoying himself so I took him out of the ring. Lucky we didn’t get dismissed. It was an experience, and one not to be repeated.

The picture on the site is from when he was very young. To look at the picture now it looks like I gave him a haircut, but no I didn’t.  He really was a sport about the whole dog show ring, what he went through to make me happy. The teenage years were tough but once he was worthy of champion he was a real pro. Outdoor shows were fun, while indoor shows were stressful–for me.

I can’t see myself showing anymore, so Butch was the one and only. Showing him was an agreement with the breeder, now friend. Through showing him we have made many friends, met our friend Ann who has Enek, Butch’s “wife”, who we bred two times. Cora and Josh are both from Butch and Enek, Cora is from first litter and Josh is from a repeat breeding a year-and-a-half later. So they are like brother/sister. Cora doesn’t like judges (but finds them tasty), and Josh doesn’t like a clean and complete coat (he pulls it out in various spots). I have great memories from our show days, so that is good. I’ll never forget that time of my life.

His record from

[update 2/14/2012] I called InfoDog and they didn’t know the page was still on their site. Apparently I registered back when WABR was separate from InfoDog. They will delete the page because I am not paying. They would not update the information, such as email address. So, good luck to them. I can host the information free. 🙂

NAME: CH. Indian Run Acel Ropi  SEX: Dog  EXPECT LITTER: No 
BREED: Komondorok  DOB: 11/23/1998  PUPPIES AVAIL: No 
SIRE: Ch Lajosmegyi’s The Postman  FOR SALE: No 
DAM: Ch Fantasia’s Crystal Persuasion  STUD SERVICE: No 
CH. Indian Run Acel Ropi 
Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Inc. 07/18/1999 Mrs. Sheila DiNardo Puppy, 6-9 Mo Dogs 1/W/BW 1
Devon Dog Show Association, Inc. 10/07/2000 Mrs. George John (Anna) Wanner Open Dogs 1/W 3
Gloucester County Kennel Club, Inc. 10/21/2000 Col. Jerry H. Weiss Open Dogs 1/W 3
Boardwalk Kennel Club 12/02/2000 Thomas R. Squicciarini Open Dogs 1/W/BW 3
Boardwalk Kennel Club 12/03/2000 Mrs. Roxanne Petersen Berton Open Dogs 1/W 3
Harrisburg Kennel Club, Inc. 04/14/2001 Thomas R. Squicciarini Open Win 4
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